Project Details

Denver Metro Village provides affordable senior housing.  The project includes the construction of a new 4-story, precast concrete, at-grade structure that will include covered parking for 200 vehicles, a maintenance shop, 7,900 sq. ft. of ground floor amenity and commercial/retail space and 19 new multifamily units.  A second component includes the renovation of 191 units in an existing 18-story building built in 1971.

The existing tower will be partially occupied during renovation.  The preliminary plan is to vacate three to four floors at a time on a rolling basis to allow asbestos abatement followed by unit demolition to occur prior to the unit mechanical, electrical, plumbing and finish renovations.

The project will comply with the Enterprise Green Communities Criteria.


Denver CO

Scope of Work

Renovation and replacement of existing plumbing system Fan coil piping