Breakthrough Resource Management is a WBE commercial plumbing firm.

We are uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive services to a variety of clients in both private and public sectors.

BRM operates on an established foundation of excellence spanning over twenty years of successful project completion.

The history includes public and private partnerships, commercial development, multi family housing, historic renovation, power and utility space, solar, city blocks, health care, assisted living care, residential construction and public and private universities.

We have developed and refined project control systems that ensure every project stays on schedule, scope, and budget. We believe it is our personal mission to serve as the owner’s extension keeping their best interest in mind at all times to complete each project as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Commercial Plumbing

Our team is trained, certified, and insured to handle commercial plumbing needs in both renovation and new construction.

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Apprenticeship Program

For many decades, construction companies have valued apprenticeships for recruiting, developing, and retaining a skilled workforce. Our in-house apprenticeship programs combine on-the-job learning with related instruction in technical areas to produce qualified, highly-productive employees for construction.

Breakthrough Resource Management has both a plumbing apprenticeship program and a pipe fitter apprenticeship program certified by the United States Department of Labor.  Skills learned throughout the course of our 8000-hour program are business principles for plumbers, water pressure booster and recirculation systems, indirect and special waste, codes, servicing pipe systems, water supply well systems, private waste disposal systems as well as other topics too numerous to include.